September 2019 Program


Showcasing work by 140 talented artists, all of whom have been specially selected by an expert-led selection committee, each edition of The Other Art Fair provides art lovers with the opportunity to discover and buy art directly from the very best emerging artists - your chance to invest in the maker!

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In 2019, The Other Art Fair is setting itself the challenge of creating a Greener Future... 

Teaming up with Broadcaster and Global Head of Collections at Soho House & Co. Kate Bryan as curator, The Other Art Fair has programmed a year-long series of events, initiatives and exhibitions to take the steps to becoming more sustainable.


With never-ending and mind-numbing Brexit chaos, an increase in knife and hate crime, a pantomime parliament of self-serving politicians, and a growing wealth divide, lots of us feel that England has lost it's way. Even our national flag has become a symbol of the racist far-right. It's easy to become cynical and lose faith, but behind the headlines there is another, often overlooked, story of a power shift in our communities away from the political and social elite and towards a younger and more diverse group of influential people. 

Not since the seventies have young musicians, actors, poets, writers and activists been so politically active and socially aware. It's schoolchildren who are at the forefront of the fight against climate change, and it's young musicians who are highlighting racial and economic injustice. If I want to know what’s going on in the world I no longer rely primarily on the mainstream media - I ask my kids. It's they who will inherit the world and to them we should be looking for guidance as they attempt to create the one that they want to inhabit. When I talk to them I'm no longer disillusioned with the current climate but instead full of hope for our collective future. 

The Connor Brothers’ new exhibition at The Other Art Fair - ‘This is England’ - is a series of portraits celebrating young inspirational people who are working towards achieving that future.


Dan Hillier’s work is, for him, a fun-filled, meditative exploration and transmission of Love -- for the natural world, for people, for beauty, and most of all for the great mystery of being anything at all in the miraculous, unknowable Cosmos and human experience.
The Earth Cube will be an immersive space for people to take some time out from the hubbub of the fair, where he'll be showing two large new figurative works based on nature archetypes, alongside other objects and items. The work is being made in the spirit of questioning whether we can reconnect our modern selves with the natural world, and the great mystery from which everything arises.


In the California of the 1960s a high value was placed on lifestyle, the environment and mental well-being, all trends that have slowly been adopted in the following decades in the U.K.  But to this day, LA conjures a distinctly exciting vision for British artists, many of whom see themselves walking through a door opened by Hockney over half a century ago. 

David Hockney arrived in LA in 1963 and was completely bewitched. He was 24 years old, had escaped a cold grey January in the U.K. and whilst at the beach enjoying sunshine he wrote a postcard home which began “arrived in the promised land 2 days ago”. His intoxicating impressions of LA remain his most iconic work and his fascination with the city’s sun, modernism, hedonism and spiritualty have also remained invigorating for generations of British artists since. Here we present 14 artists who have fallen under LA’s spell with one work each which signifies something about the brighter future of the supposed promised land.


1. Harry Chandler, Pool with Two Celebrities

2. Ruth Mulvie, Guitar Pool

3. Alec Cumming, Meet Me Poolside


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