March 2018 Program


Discover and buy direct from 100 talented independent emerging artists, all hand-picked by a Selection Committee of art world experts. 

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Saatchi Art, the world's leading online gallery, offers a unique space to take a breather and experience an exciting line-up of inspiring programming, including a speaker series presented by KCET's Artbound and site specific artist installations by Carly Cartorialist and Artistic License.


Step inside Saatchi Art Artist-in-Residence Kelly Brumfield-Woods' Glitter Chamber for an immersive experience and self-photography moment that draws upon her roots in LA's Finish Fetish moment. 

Kelly Brumfield-Woods began her art career in Venice when, after a Venice Art Walk, she sent cards to the participating artists, offering her services as a studio assistant while she completed transfer courses at Santa Monica College. By the time she was accepted to Otis, she was running a full-time studio assistant business, working closely with artists such as Billy Al Bengston, Mary Corse, Charles Christopher Hill and architectural designer Charles Ward,     and she made a decision to continue working for the artists rather than return to academia. Recent shows include Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles, a solo show at TAJ Art in Eagle Rock and the Southern California/Baja Biennial at the San Diego Art Institute.
Kelly was born, lives and works in Los Angeles.


Sip delicious craft cocktails in the glow of an abstract neon sculpture installation by "Neon Queen" Lisa Schulte for Bulleit Frontier Whiskey.

Lisa Schulte bio:  Neon light boasts two primary identities: a jubilance that reflects the radiance of midday, and an evening persona of romance and excitement, wherein surging flickers of curved encapsulated candles intrigue passersby. Lisa Schulte, an American sculptor born in Long Island, New York, has mastered the many “faces” of neon, earning her the moniker, “The Neon Queen.”


The Other Art Fair's Official Hotel Partner Ace Hotel DTLA present audio curation by dublab, featuring a series of electrifying DJ sets and live radio broadcasting.

Audio Curation Program:

Thursday March 15 - Private View:
6pm to 8pm: Slayron
8pm to 10pm: DJ Tottie

Friday March 16:
3pm to 5pm: CALLIE
5pm to 7pm: Danny Holloway 
7pm to 9pm: Seano
9pm to 11pm: DJ Lady C

Saturday March 17:
1pm to 3pm: Victoria O'Hanlon
3pm to 5pm: Frosty
5pm to 7pm: Daddy Differently
7pm to 9pm: DJ Wyldeflower
9pm to 10pm: Ale

Sunday March 18:
11am to 1pm: Jen Ferrer
1pm to 3pm: Mamabear
3pm to 5pm: Hoseh
5pm to 6pm: Ale


dublab is a non-profit, radio station dedicated to the growth of music, arts and culture. 

We have been broadcasting from Los Angeles since 1999. Our mission is to share freeform radio transmissions with an international audience. 

dublab’s programming has expanded to include production of art exhibits, films, events and record releases as well as affiliate stations in Germany (, Japan (, and Spain (


Broaden your mind with Saatchi Art's series of thought provoking discussions featuring artists, curators, design industry experts, and more, presented by KCET's Artbound. 

Talks Program:

Saturday March 17, 2pm
'Investing in Art for $1,000 or Less'
Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator of Saatchi Art and VP Art Advisory

Saturday March 17, 4pm
'Gary Baseman and Kristjana S. Williams in Conversation with Variety's Tim Gray'

Sunday March 18, 1pm
'The Artist as Activist'
Chantal Barlow on The Unconventional Apology Project


Sit for a live portrait painting by award-winning portraitist Carl Grauer (stand 74). Book in advance - only 2 places left!

  • Thursday March 15, 8pm-10pm
  • Saturday March 17, 5pm-7pm

Please email Carl Grauer ( to book your place. 

"By painting the human figure/portrait, I explore the construction of identity, how to render the individual identity and the sense of of one's presence in a portrait. I work with portraiture as art and how to push it further, focusing on rendering two aspects of the human being: the presentation of the self and morphology. Through these two aspects of the psychological and physical, my interest lays in the nature of being. We physiologically and psychologically experience a constant metamorphosis. I observe that evolution, how it affects the artifice of the presentation of the self, how to document it; and finally, how by the act of creating a portrait, the art itself acquires an identity of its own."

- Carl Grauer


Perfect for kids, have your portrait drawn by Davia King as she creates a live portrait mural with children of all ages in support of CoachArt, the fair's official Charity Partner. 

Davia King will be present from 2-4pm on Saturday, March 17th.



Visit the Limited by Saatchi Art pop-up boutique, presenting a unique collection of limited edition prints in collaboration with Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year. 

Preview the Limited x Pantone collection.

Saatchi Art x PANTONE 2018 Color of the Year Collection

As an expression of the imagination and creativity that Ultra Violet provokes, Pantone has partnered with Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online gallery for emerging art, to create a limited-edition collection of official PANTONE Color of the Year 2018 prints. The collection, available for purchase beginning January 1, 2018, will include new works by international artists, working in painting, sculpture and printmaking, that embody the spirit of Ultra Violet. This collection will allow lovers of Pantone and art alike to experience Ultra Violet’s inspiration in their daily lives.


Banish all self-doubt and pick up your artistic license by Hallie Bateman!

Hallie Bateman is a freelance writer and illustrator based in Los Angeles. Her work has been published by The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl and others. Her second book, What To Do When I’m Gone, comes out with Bloomsbury in April 2018.


Rhythms Of Vision create an immersive, meditative sonic experience presented by The Deep End Club. Limited spaces available. Reserve space in their stand space. 


Decorate Australian artist Tim Andrew's infinitely repetitive Kitten Wall.

"I like repeating patterns. There’s something very satisfying about the challenge of making them. I enjoy the way tiling patterns make me consider the formal qualities of variation, repetition, and rhythm - all at once. This kitten work is comprised of 24 unique kittens. All different, but all pretty similar - They tile nicely because of their similarity, but I think are interesting enough because of their difference. I also like the metaphorical 'infiniteness' of tiled patterns. Each block is a sort of window onto a plane that continues to repeat endlessly in all directions. For me, this infinite plane on paper feels like a thing so basically profound, that it inverts and become banal again and you don’t even think about it - but it’s all there – in it, embedded. That’s nice too. Like patterns are a sort of stealth way to access that kind of wonder."

- Tim Andrew


Uncover the distinctive drawings of Carly Kuhn, aka The Cartorialist, who transforms the Saatchi Art Lounge with an exclusive site-specific installation. 


"I’m drawn to the imperfections of a person or place - for those imperfections are what make things more interesting and beautiful."

A native New Yorker and former producer on the Chelsea Lately Show, Carly Kuhn, aka The Cartorialist, is a serious artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her work is often lighthearted and minimal, but the magic of Kuhn’s work lies in her ability to gracefully turn the subtle and ordinary into the alluring and evocative. Whether it’s the turn of a head from behind, the soft curve of a back, or simply a turtleneck pulled over a woman’s face, it’s always delightfully unexpected.

Carly’s work encourages us to look differently at what’s around us and to take notice. It’s a style and sensibility that marries the realness of New York with the ease of California, an aesthetic that informs her life and everything she touches.

Initially known for fashion illustrations that became an Instagram sensation after Sarah Jessica Parker reposted one of her drawings, Carly parlayed her growing social platform into collaborations with an array of esteemed brands including Dior, Oscar De La Renta, Capitol Records, Prada, Glossier, and Elle.

Today, Carly is taking The Cartorialist beyond the screen. From wallpaper to textiles to installations and an ever-expanding archive of limited edition prints, Carly’s work will continue to pop up in the most delightfully unexpected of places. 


Take a virtual, environmentally friendly tour of the Arctic to experience a disappearing landscape created by the innovative Guardian VR team.


Quench your thirst with a full bar, including speciality cocktails from Guinness and Bulleit, in the spirit of St. Patty's Day.


Enjoy home-made, organic, and re-imagined takes on the classic PBJ at the PBJ.LA pop-up!

PBJ.LA is not your mom’s peanut and butter jelly. We take something that was already great and make it exponentially better with surprising, absolutely delectable mash-ups of flavors and organic, healthy ingredients - every item being house-made from scratch. PBJ.LA creates the perfect place to indulge without the guilt. 

“The introduction of PBJ.LA harkens back to the Market’s opening day in 1917 when local peanut butter maker, McGee’s, made its debut,” said Christophe Farber, Grand Central Market Director of Development & Special Projects. “Now, as we celebrate the Market’s 100th year anniversary, our history comes full circle with another peanut butter breakthrough.” 

PBJ.LA would not be possible without one place: the gym. Sky Sport & Spa was the incubator for the reinvention of the American classic. This is where Payvand Salehi and Brad Greenberg met Jimmy Franklin, a respected celebrity trainer from this world-famous rooftop gym. Together they brainstormed the vision for PBJ.LA from their shared passion for plant-based cuisine – Payvand had lost nearly 100 pounds after committing to an organic, vegetarian diet and having grown up in a culinary family - Brad has taken the helm as the brand's chef, dialing in the team’s imaginative concepts. Restaurant industry veteran Adam Fleischman discovered the trio during an impromptu pitch during a training session and upon seeing their sample menu, joined the PBJ.LA trio to further develop the concept and bring it to Grand Central Market. Renowned branding and design firm nondesigns came on-board to give PBJ.LA its fresh look in order to reference their ultra-modern take on an old favorite.


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